target_info structure of a method receiver

Joel Borggren-Franck joel.franck at
Fri Sep 12 14:58:23 UTC 2014


The table 4.7.20-A and section in JVMS says that a method
receiver target kind is followed by the empty_target target info, noting
that "Only one type appears in each of these locations, so there is no
per-type information to represent in the target_info union.", yet the
following program compiles with both 8 and 9 javac:

--- 8< ---

import java.lang.annotation.*;
import java.lang.reflect.*;

public class Receiver<T, U> {

   @interface A {

   class Foo {
      Foo(@A Receiver<@A T, @A U> Receiver.this) {

   public void m(@A Receiver<@A T, @A U> this, int j) { ; }

--- 8< ---

Isn't this 3 type uses in both the ctor and the method?

I haven't found anything in JLS to indicate if javac or JVMLS is wrong


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