Code (Pre-)Review for JEP 280: Indify String Concat

Andrej Golovnin andrej.golovnin at
Fri Nov 27 07:47:25 UTC 2015

Hi Aleksey,



The files do not have the copyright header.

And I have one stupid question to

The constants TAG_ARG and TAG_CONST are defined as Strings. From
performance standpoint of view, would it be not better to use char
instead of String?

I understand that:

if (a.contains(TAG_CONST) || a.contains(TAG_ARG))

is easier to read than:

if (a.indexOf(TAG_CONST) != -1 || a.indexOf(TAG_ARG) != -1)

But when you have a huge project to compile, maybe it can help to
reduce the compile time.

The line 330 in

330                 recipe.append("null");

Maybe it is better to rewrite it as:

330                 recipe.append((String) null);

The first one requires to copy byte values from the "null" String. The
second one ends up in the call to AsbtractStringBuilder.appendNull().

Best regards,
Andrej Golovnin

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