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Need help with confirming few options with Xdoclint as part of the improvement in javac documentation and help.

Is there a way to confirm the default access level for -Xdoclint in javac for JDk 8 and 9?


When we run javac -X (9ea), get this:


$ javac -X

    -Xdoclint                  Enable recommended checks for problems in javadoc coments


        Enable or disable specific checks for problems in javadoc comments,

        where <group> is one of accessibility, html, missing, reference, or synta,

        and <access> is one of public, protected, package, or private.


        Enable or disable checks in specific packages. <packages> is a comma sepaated

        list of package specifiers. Package specifier is either a qualified name f a package

        or a package name prefix followed by .*, which expands to all sub-package of

        the given package. Prefix the package specifier with - to disable checks or

        the specified packages.

Note: Apart from corrections in few spellings (coments, separated, f) in the above output, it may be nice to know,

- What are the 'recommended' checks?

- Even though the variable access seems optional, it may help if such options are made clear in the help output or in the documentation.


This has come as a suggestion in HYPERLINK ""JDK-8073216 .

" in the description of "-Xdoclint:[-]group [/access]", the default access level must be specified (for Java 1.8.0_31, the default is private)"

Existing doc url: 


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