[Patch] 8041793: javap misses newline after printing AnnotationDefault

Jonathan Gibbons jonathan.gibbons at oracle.com
Sat Jan 14 02:50:24 UTC 2017

On 01/13/2017 01:38 PM, Denis Istomin wrote:
> Hi,
> Made patch for bug 8041793.

Hi Denis,

The test will probably fail on Windows, because you are checking for the 
exact newline character "\n".

There are two typical solutions to this general problem.

1. Take the string returned by the tool and normalize the newlines with 
code similar to
         out.replace(System.getProperty("line.separator"), "\n")
     The system property is also available as a constant within the 
ToolBox class.

2. Split the output into lines, perhaps by using the getOutputLines 
method instead of getOutput,
     and then compare the resulting list against an equivalent list for 
the expected output.

Note there are occasions when it is important to verify that the exact 
platform line separator sequence
is being used, and that will require different solutions.

Your test is also somewhat terse, in that in the case of a problem, it 
just says "Error".  We run thousands
of tests every day on JDK builds, and when a test fails, it is helpful 
to have a test report something more.
In this case, saying "Expected output not found" would be slightly 
better, and probably good enough.
In cases where the expected output is bigger, it becomes more helpful to 
give more details about where
the mismatch occurs. You don't need to provide a full diff (!), but at 
least an indication of the line number
of the first mismatch would help focus the attention of the person who 
ends up having to examine why
the test failed.

-- Jon

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