JDK 10 RFR of 8028544 and 8028546

joe darcy joe.darcy at oracle.com
Thu Jan 26 20:37:12 UTC 2017


As part of JDK 10 ground breaking, I'm working on fixes to

     JDK-8028544: Add SourceVersion.RELEASE_10
     JDK-8028546: Add -source 10 and -target 10 to javac

Current webrev available at


With a few exceptions, the langtools tests are all passing with these 
changes. I updated a few annotation processing tests from using the 
vanilla AbstractProcessor to the JavacTestingAbstractProcessor. The 
exceptions include the currently failing tests

FAILED: tools/jdeprscan/tests/jdk/jdeprscan/TestRelease.java
FAILED: tools/javac/file/MultiReleaseJar/MultiReleaseJarTest.java

The failures seem related to the --release option. At least until the 
Java SE 9 API is finalized, I think it is okay for --release 9 and 
--release 10 to mean the same thing and refer to the in-forest state of 
the API. However, I haven't fully reverse-engineered how to do that.



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