RFR: Update tables in java.base to be HTML5-friendly.

Martin Buchholz martinrb at google.com
Thu May 4 02:49:29 UTC 2017

Jonathan Gibbons for  "css style czar"!


I checked the tables at
They look perfectly fine, although I feel a twinge of


Yes, "striped" is a much better name than "altrows".  "striped-tables" as
you suggest may be better.  Choose your names carefully - we can't change
them in the future.


w3.org doc seems to suggest we should only be defining table styles with


"""Tables should not be used as layout aids. """

"""User agents, especially those that do table analysis on arbitrary
content, are encouraged to find heuristics to determine which tables
actually contain data and which are merely being used for layout. """
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