RFR: JDK-8180744: Update ct.sym for JDK 10

Jan Lahoda jan.lahoda at oracle.com
Thu Oct 19 17:46:10 UTC 2017


Thanks for the comments.

I've split the work into three parts:
-the change to PlatformProvider to return a file manager:
-the changes to support --release 9 (modular environment):
-the update to the historical data:

I was tried to limit the lengths of the lines.

On 18.10.2017 23:07, Jonathan Gibbons wrote:
> On a pragmatic level, I note that there are some excessively long lines
> here.  I know we don't rigidly adhere to an 80 character limit, but some
> of the lines are perversely long, and will be tedious to review in
> followup webrevs.    A quick grep of the changeset shows 67 lines over
> 100 characters and 36 over 120.  (This is not counting the long lines in
> the generated files.)
> This webrev seems to include changes for another review, 8188035.
> There are distinct blobs of work here: for example, the javac work for
> JDKPlatformProvider seems logically distinct from the changes for
> CreateSymbols. It seems a shame the work could not have been separated
> into distinct changesets.
> Generally, we need more documentation on the overall process for
> creating these files, including details on the tool(s), and the various
> file and file formats involved.
> It feels wrong to export javac internals to jdeps.  Maybe this should
> (eventually) evolve into a more supported service API?

There are other jdk.compiler packages already exported to jdk.jdeps. And 
the current implementation of jdeprscan is already depending on details 
of --release implementation in javac (that the improve-platformprovider 
patch is trying to improve and breaks jdeprscan, so this is an attempt 
to make it work again).


> -- Jon
> On 10/13/2017 05:30 AM, Jan Lahoda wrote:
>> Hi,
>> The patch here adds a support for --release 9 to OpenJDK. This
>> includes adding a snapshot of the JDK 9 APIs.
>> Notes:
>> -several changes to the historical data in make/data/symbols:
>> --java.management.rmi-8.sym.txt contains a few classes that were
>> originally in java.management-8.sym.txt (this change is adjusting the
>> structure to adhere more to the final JDK 9 module layout)
>> --java.annotations.common-* renamed to java.xml.ws.annotation-* to
>> adhere to the final layout
>> --diffing of classes across releases has been improved to avoid some
>> unnecessary class header notices in the historical data
>> --empty files are now not written for the historical data
>> -the (JDK)PlatformProvider.PlatformDescription(Impl) now returns a
>> file manager, instead of a list of paths. This makes the contract
>> cleaner, and allow to handle the ".sig" extension mostly in the file
>> manager instead of ClassFinder. (Due to this change, JDK-8139607:
>> '-release option forces StandardJavaFileManager' is also resolved by
>> this patch, although it is not the primary goal of this patch.)
>> Bug: https://bugs.openjdk.java.net/browse/JDK-8180744
>> Webrev: http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~jlahoda/8180744/webrev.00/
>> I'll send to build-dev as well after the javac changes will look OK.
>> Any feedback is welcome.
>> Thanks,
>>     Jan

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