Interim JDK 10 RFR of 8187951: Update javax.lang.model.SourceVersion for "var" name

Maurizio Cimadamore maurizio.cimadamore at
Thu Sep 28 08:35:13 UTC 2017

Not 100% sure about this. On the one hand, the concept of contextual 
keyword is, well, associated with a context. So 'open' is a keyword in a 
module-info file, and 'var' is a keyword when used in a local variable 

But the isName method takes no such context, so it's bound to be lossy.

You tried to reformulate the semantics of isName as something similar to 
'is this a valid name for a javax.lang.model.element.Element instance'? 
I think that _almost_ works - after all elements model:

* variables/fields (VariableElement)
* methods (ExecutableElement)
* classes/interfaces/enums/annotations (TypeElement)
* typevars (TypeParameterElement)
* modules (ModuleElement)
* packages (PackageElement)

now, in the last two cases, I'm not sure the implemented logic works 
well. While 'var' is not a legal name for 
variables/methods/types/typevars, I think it is a valid name for 
packages and modules, there's no restriction there.

This unfortunately makes the definition of isName messy, because it 
doesn't really refer to _all_ elements, but just to a subset of them.

Also, I find this text:

"and {@code "var"} is used for local variable type inference inthe 
argument version."

I only got a good idea of what you meant by looking at the implementation.

One alternative would be to mark this method as @Deprecated, and add a 
new method:

public static boolean isName(CharSequence name, *ElementKind kind*, 
SourceVersion version) { ... }

Where the semantics could be:

is _name_ a valid qualified name for an element of kind _kind_ in 
version _version_ ?

While not perfect (it still cannot handle module-info keyword, as 
there's no info on which compilation unit this question refers to), I 
think it's a step forward in that it lets you discriminate between 
different kind of elements.

An even more complete variant would be:

public static boolean isName(CharSequence name, *JavaFileObject 
sourceFile, ElementKind kind*, SourceVersion version) { ... }

Which would let you express in full what you need to express, for both 
'var' and module keywords.


On 27/09/17 23:51, joe darcy wrote:
> Hello,
> Please review the in-progress work on
>     8187951: Update javax.lang.model.SourceVersion for "var" name
> I'm not 100% certain of the desired semantics here. The handling of 
> "var" doesn't align with any of the existing syntactic constructs, 
> including restricted keywords introduced in 9 with modules.
> The proposal changes gives the "isName" method the semantics of "can I 
> use this qualified name for a type, field, package, or module."
> Thanks,
> -Joe

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