Some thoughts on javax.lang.model support for preview language features

Maurizio Cimadamore maurizio.cimadamore at
Fri Mar 16 13:02:22 UTC 2018

Hi Joe,
I did some experiments along those lines few weeks ago and concluded 
that, while the idea of having a separate source version for PREVIEW is 
attractive, it is not as straightforward as it seems. Here is some evidence:

* in javac, there's a 1-1 mapping between javac's Source enum constants 
and SourceVersion enum constants, which means if we have 
SourceVersion.PREVIEW, we probably should have Source.PREVIEW too

* pulling more on that string, in javac there's a 1-1 mapping between 
the source levels available in the Source enum and the values that can 
be passed to the -source flag. But, if we add Source.PREVIEW, this would 
break that invariant, and we would now have a source version that is 
'non denotable' via command line options. This distinction seems to have 
deep implications both in javac and in tests.

* diagnostics; the set of diagnostics given for preview features when 
they are not enabled is almost certainly distinct from those given when 
you e.g. try to use lambdas with -source 7.

* more onto the point - SourceVesrion has a couple of static methods:

public static SourceVersion latest()

private static SourceVersion getLatestSupported()

What should these method return? 11 or PREVIEW? Also, note that the last 
method is affected by the value of the runtime property 
"java.specification.version", so any change here require some synergy 
with the runtime.

All this left a sour taste on my mouth; having PREVIEW to mean Source.N 
+ 1 seems appealing, but at the same time very problematic; if we 
instead treat preview has an orthogonal toggle, a lot of the complexity 
just disappears. I'm not sure what an equivalent of that toggle might be 
in the JLM-land - probably another way to get there would be to add a 
default method to the Processor interface - e.g.

default isPreviewSupported() { return false; }

And then augment the SupportedSourceVersion annotation:

public @interface SupportedSourceVersion {
     SourceVersion value();
     boolean preview default false;



On 16/03/18 04:45, Joseph D. Darcy wrote:
> Hello,
> As you may have seen elsewhere, JEP 12: Preview Language and VM 
> Features ( is proposing to include 
> preview language features as part of the platform. The JEP has been 
> discussed in various threads on jdk-dev ([1], [2], etc.) Since one of 
> the various and sundry aspects of supporting a language is updating 
> the language model API [3], it is worthwhile to discuss a few 
> alternatives in terms of how the language model API could support 
> preview features
> The javax.lang.model APIs are part of the Java SE API and thus live by 
> the strict compatibility rules of that space, with some slight 
> accommodations for certain technical aspects of the API.
> For the sake of argument, let's assume we do *not* want to change 
> mainline javax.lang.model API to describe the preview features. The 
> ElementKind.OTHER and TypeKind.OTHER values are meant to indicate an 
> object is outside of the values for the standardized system. Subtypes 
> of the modeling interfaces and visitors can then be used as needed for 
> the specialized and extended system. (Joel Borggren-Franck and I used 
> this approach in the javax.lang.model backed by core reflection 
> prototype from a few years back, JEP 119: javax.lang.model 
> Implementation Backed by Core Reflection.)
> However, using such an extended API inside javac (or in annotation 
> processors) is tedious.
> One could imagine a system where a different, updated, version of 
> javax.lang.model were used when the incubating features were unlocked 
> via upgrading its module or the like, but that would be awkward as well.
> If our intention is to only support one preview version at a time, 
> part of the API approach could be to add a "PREVIEW" constant to 
> SourceVersion that was always the most latest version. In other words 
> in JDK 11 we'd have
>     RELEASE_0,
>     ...
>     RELEASE_11,
>     PREVIEW;
> and in JDK 12
>     RELEASE_0,
>     ...
>     RELEASE_11,
>     RELEASE_12,
>     PREVIEW;
> Processors could them indicate they support the "PREVIEW" release value.
> The longer-term javax.lang.model API evolution to-do list includes 
> thinking about other ways to evolve the visitors to support new 
> language features. We've stopped automatically adding new visitors 
> with every release, now only adding them as needed and we didn't need 
> a new batch for 10. We could potentially have a similar structure for 
> visitors with a cadre of "Preview" visitors as the most specialized 
> versions in a release and new per-release visitors getting introduced 
> as superclasses afterward.
> The main risk is pulling or changing the incubating feature in some 
> way that would be incompatible with the API support added for it.
> Recent discussions have suggested @Deprecating new API items added to 
> support preview features. Can is a reasonable precaution to discourage 
> accidental dependence on them, but at times the behavior of existing 
> methods is also changes so deprecation would not be a good fit.
> Cheers,
> -Joe
> [1] 
> [2]
> [3] 

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