RFR : JDK-8071367 - JMX: Remove SNMP support

mandy chung mandy.chung at oracle.com
Thu Mar 22 17:45:10 UTC 2018

On 3/22/18 6:12 AM, Alan Bateman wrote:
> On 22/03/2018 10:03, Amit Sapre wrote:
>> Thanks Alan and Mandy for inputs.
>> This webrev : 
>> http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~asapre/webrev/2018/JDK-8071367/webrev.01/ 
>> <http://cr.openjdk.java.net/%7Easapre/webrev/2018/JDK-8071367/webrev.01/> 
>> addresses your comments.
>> I reverted changes for  legacy.properties  and also rebased the patch 
>> for jdk/jdk repo.
> This looks good, just a few typos in Agent's class description
> "This class also provide entrypoints for jcmd tool ..." => "This class 
> also provides entry points for the jcmd tool ...".

Looks good in general.

Since you are cleaning up the comment, some suggestions:

Replace line 60-67 with:

This class provides the methods to start the management agent.
1.  {@link #startAgent} method is invoked by the VM if 
-Dcom.sun.management.* is set
2.  {@link #startLocalManagementAgent} or {@link 
      is invoked to start the management agent after the VM starts
      via jcmd ManagementAgent.start and start_local command.

line 309-310 can be replaced with
     * Starts the local management agent.
     * This method is invoked by either startAgent method or
     * by the VM directly via jcmd ManagementAgent.start_local command.

line 332-335 can be replaced with
     * This method is invoked by the VM to start the remote management agent
     * via jcmd ManagementAgent.start command.

Add the javadoc to startAgent()

  * This method is invoked by the VM to start the management agent
  * when -Dcom.sun.management.* is set during startup.

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