Primitive boolean array packing

B. Blaser bsrbnd at
Sat Oct 6 22:05:58 UTC 2018


Per JVMS, primitive boolean arrays are currently using 8 bits (one
byte) per boolean value, see [1] (baload/bastore).

We've see in some threads [2] that 'BitSet' or 'EnumSet' are
occasionally preferred solutions as they are using boolean vectors
(aka long values) using 8x less memory.

But as the spec [1] allows primitive boolean array packing, I made a
quick experiment which is available here:

This is a partial draft implementing primitive boolean array packing
(8x smaller) at machine-level (vs BitSet at class-level):
* only x86 interpreter implemented => c1/c2/inlining disabled for
methods using baload/bastore (not much performance regression when
building the jdk and running the tests)
* unsafe access partially implemented
* array copy currently not implemented
* -XX:+/-BooleanPacking to enable/disable the feature currently not implemented

A couple of residual tier1 tests are still failing due to the
unfinished implementation.

I didn't search much if such experiments have already been
accomplished, but I'd like to take the temperature of this feature as
completing the implementation represents a significant amount of work.
Is this something that is worth exploring?

Thanks in advance for any feedback.



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