RFR: 8223553: Fix code constructs that do not compile with the Eclipse Java Compiler

Langer, Christoph christoph.langer at sap.com
Thu May 23 21:23:27 UTC 2019

> Overall, introducing a local variable is more-or-less reasonable even if it's
> used only once. One point is that somebody might come along and "clean
> up" the
> code and inline local variables and reintroduce the problem. Another point is
> that, hypothetically, if in the future Eclipse is changed to match javac's
> behavior, these changes should be reverted.
> The bug database is a good place to capture actions that need to take place in
> the future. Unfortunately, it's pretty far from these locations, so the
> existence of such a bug wouldn't prevent the accidental cleanup from
> happening.
> That would indicate having a comment in the code at these locations.
> On the other hand, if Eclipse is "fixed" and these locations don't get cleaned
> up for a long time, it doesn't seem like that big a deal.
> I'd suggest to put a comment at these 3 locations, something like:
>      // local variable required here; see JDK-8223553
> and not bother with filing another bug report to track this.

Ok, good idea. I'll add the comment before I push.

> I'll defer to Martin as to how he wants to handle the
> ConcurrentSkipListMap.java
> change.

As Martin has taken this to the jsr166 integration 2019-06, I'll push the change without ConcurrentSkipListMap.java tomorrow.

Thanks to all involved in this review!

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