JEP 358 (Helpful NPEs) and single source file mode

Remi Forax forax at
Tue Nov 19 08:40:27 UTC 2019

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> Objet: JEP 358 (Helpful NPEs) and single source file mode

> Hi,
> I've been exploring the new helpful NPE feature a bit.
> It's a very welcomed improvement, but I noticed one potential usability
> issue in conjunction with the single source file mode (JEP 330): as debug
> info is missing in that case, e.g. local variables are rendered as
> "<local1>" in the exception message. Single source file mode also doesn't
> let me specify the "-g:vars" option I could use with javac for adding the
> debugging info.
> Perhaps single source file mode should add debug information by default to
> prevent this issue?

yes !

> Thanks,
> --Gunnar


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