RFR: JEP 359-Records: reflection code

Vicente Romero vicente.romero at oracle.com
Sun Oct 27 23:41:22 UTC 2019

Hi Brian,

Thanks for your comments. I have published another review iteration [1]. 
Some comments inlined below.

On 10/25/19 5:04 PM, Brian Goetz wrote:
> Spec in Class.java:
>  - Various {@code RecordComponent} should be {@link RecordComponent}.

we could do that but the current approach is consistent with what we are 
doing in similar APIs like Class::getDeclaredFields()

>  - Rather than say "if this class was declared as a record in the 
> source code", instead say "is a record class", since record classes 
> are a term defined by the JLS.
>  - For isRecord/getRecordComponents, should include "@jls 8.10" link
> RecordComponent.java:
>  - Add @jls 8.10 link
>  - "Returns the name of the component represented by this record 
> component." -> "Returns the name of this record component." and 
> similar in other methods.  Since RC models a record component, its 
> clear enough what is meant.

done, the javadoc was following the same approach as in 

>  - For getGenericSignature, there should be a link back to @jls or 
> @jvms that describes the format of the signature string.
done, added @jvms Signatures

>  - Doesn't getAnnotation() need some spec, or an {@inheritDoc}?

yep done


[1] http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~vromero/records.review/reflection/webrev.01/

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