Handling for new warning?

mark.reinhold at oracle.com mark.reinhold at oracle.com
Tue Sep 24 23:25:32 UTC 2019

2019/9/24 15:56:37 -0700, openjdk at duigou.org:
> The proposed change is to add a lint level warning, ie. 
> -XLint:runtime-undeclared , suggestion to add the unrequired but missing 
> throws declarations for RuntimeException et al. The advantage to 
> providing the complete throws including RuntimeExceptions is to make 
> them more visible and encourage handling of them. We have one good 
> example of a library which does declare the RuntimeException that are 
> thrown, the JDK.

I’m confused.  I thought you said earlier that there are thousands of
missing cases in the JDK.

> ...
> The check will apply to all instances of RuntimeException and all 
> subclasses.

I agree with Jon: This proposal is likely to have broad impact and thus
needs wider discussion.  May I suggest the jdk-dev list?

- Mark

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