Enhancing expressions with mutability?

B. Blaser bsrbnd at gmail.com
Mon Apr 6 12:25:31 UTC 2020

Thanks for your detailed explanation, Maurizio.

On Mon, 6 Apr 2020 at 12:34, Maurizio Cimadamore
<maurizio.cimadamore at oracle.com> wrote:
> Popping back even more; we started this thread by discussing your
> proposal for mutable expressions (although this list shouldn't be used
> for proposing language changes, but, fine) - both Paul and I replied
> connecting the work you did with some of the stuff we have in the oven.
>  From there we descended into some kind of inference engine war, which I
> don't think was the point of your original communication?

Of course, my initial intention was only to suggest enhancing
expressions with mutability which I tried to illustrate with a
concrete prototype using the quotation operator and connecting it to
Lisp's S-Expressions. Then, speaking about potential applications, we
deviate to inference engine alternative implementations and their
potential abilities to solve some known "pathological" issues.
However, these were just raw ideas I wanted to experiment with some
prototype which I shared in the hope that it might be useful.

Finally, finding the right list to discuss about this wasn't an easy
task and I thought "discuss" (or maybe "compiler-dev") were
appropriate since such proposals may lead to new project creation but
you're welcome to forward it to the right list or to ask me to do so
if necessary.


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