RFR: JDK-8241780 Allow \n@ inside inline tags.

John Rose john.r.rose at oracle.com
Wed Apr 22 22:23:03 UTC 2020

Really nice!  Does this change the specification, or is this a
change that aligns the implementation with the specification?
(You know I’ve pestered in the past about “where’s the specification”
but I forget where that conversation ended.)

On Apr 22, 2020, at 10:27 AM, Jonathan Gibbons <jonathan.gibbons at oracle.com> wrote:
> As a result of the change, the description for parameter p2 will be swallowed up as part of the invalid description for p1. This will only be visible in error messages and clients of the API that analyze erroneous comments.

Suggestion:  *If* there’s an error due to missing “}”, then it might
be friendly to report the error up to the end of the line of the last
open inline tag, rather than the end of the whole javadoc.  Basically,
gobble until the end of the javadoc, in hopes of finding the errant
“}” braces, but if they are missing, just report context up to the
end of the line.  This is just a nit, and maybe the error messages
won’t be burdened with the failed gobble-to-eof for some other
reason.  I suppose there’s already a solution in place, to make the
failure message clear enough, since this error can happen even
without the new change.

— John
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