RFR: 8269113: Javac throws when compiling switch (null)

Guoxiong Li gli at openjdk.java.net
Sun Jul 4 18:21:11 UTC 2021

Hi all,

When we use `switch(null)` in the source code, the type of the selector is `BottomType`.
So the statement `Type seltype = selector.type;` of the method `TransPatterns::handleSwitch` will get a `BottomType`.
Then compiler mistakenly uses this `BottomType` to construct a new `VarSymbol`.

            VarSymbol temp = new VarSymbol(Flags.SYNTHETIC,
                    names.fromString("selector" + tree.pos + target.syntheticNameChar() + "temp"),
                    seltype,     // <--------here is a BottomType

At last, when the compiler uses the new `VarSymbol temp` to construct a new `JCVariableDecl`(the code shown as below), it crashes at the method `TreeMaker::Type` because the method `TreeMaker::Type` can't handle the type `BottomType`.

statements.append(make.at(tree.pos).VarDef(temp, !hasNullCase ? attr.makeNullCheck(selector)
                                                                          : selector));

This patch changes the type from `BottomType` to `syms.objectType` and adds the corresponding test.
Thanks for taking the time to review.

Best Regards,
-- Guoxiong


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 - 8269113: Javac throws when compiling switch (null)

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