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>> We'd essentially have to write a new bootstrap (but leave the old one in place),
>> and have the compiler generate bytecode to do the string conversion as the
>> values are being pushed on the stack. This requires a different bootstrap and a
>> different calling convention. So old bytecode will stay around, and the old
>> bootstrap would have to be kept around ... pretty disruptive.

> Wouldn’t be enough for javac to run toString() on arguments that need it, and
> pass those (to the *old* indy mechanism) as strings?

> If javac can determine that toString() can be safely delayed (for String and
> primitive boxes, for example) then it doesn’t need to call toString() eagerly.

> But in order to fix this issue, it may be necessary to run toString() calls
> while arguments are being computed for the indy.

It will be less efficient because the StringConcatFactory for a primitive type does not create the intermediary String objects. 

> Yuck

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