Fwd: Mandated/implicit parameters

Hannes Greule hannesgreule at outlook.de
Tue Jun 7 15:00:06 UTC 2022

 > So, your approach would fix all these issues reported.

That's interesting, I didn't think  of other related issues before.

However, this would only fix the issue for newly compiled class files 
and only for compile targets >= Java 8 from my understanding.

How should we go forward from here? I think I got a working fix for it 
on this branch[1] and I already ran the langtools_javac tests.
There are two failing tests, one of them[2] was assuming a wrong 
constant pool index (as the MethodParameter attribute wasn't written 
before). I updated the test accordingly.

The other one[3] seems to be an issue with the ClassReader here[4].


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