Generic type information for classes within closures not emitted by javac 11.0.15

Dawid Weiss dawid.weiss at
Sun Jun 19 20:22:38 UTC 2022

Hi Vicente,

Apologies for the late reply - I missed your reply.

Thanks for the additional information, but from your findings it seems like
> the issue has been fixed in recent releases. Fixing it in previous releases
> seems to me like a sustaining / support job,

Right. It's been fixed in JDK 13+. I've been thinking about it - this is a
bug to me, since the spec in JDK11+ clearly says the compiler must emit
proper information about generic signatures present in source files (even
for this odd case of a class nested inside a closure). I'm not sure whether
the impact of this bug is significant enough to warrant a backport to
JDK11... but since it's an LTE release then perhaps it should be
backported? It's definitely a nasty surprise if you're using those
signatures anyhow because it will only manifest the problem if you use
JDK11 compiler (and will work just fine with a newer compiler combined with
--release 11).

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