RFR: JDK-8288699: cleanup HTML tree in HtmlDocletWriter.commentTagsToContent

Jonathan Gibbons jjg at openjdk.org
Mon Jun 20 00:06:13 UTC 2022

Please review a particularly satisfying review of a cleanup for
`HtmlDocletWriter.commentTagsToContent`, and the use of `RawHtml`.

The background for this is a separate cleanup for `CommentHelper.getText`,
during which it was observed that the code could be eliminated, with some
uses being replaced by `HtmlDocletWriter.commentTagsToContent`. That led
to more tags being processed, which in turn led to the observation that
`Content.charCount` was often giving incorrect results.

The primary root cause of the problem with `Content.charCount` was the
handling of `StartElementTree` in the visitor in `commentTagsToContent`.
The problem is that code there creates a sequence of text nodes for the
attributes, preceded by a `RawHtml` object containing `<TAGNAME` and followed
by another separate `RawHtml` node containing just `>`.  The net result
is that `charCount` is mistaken into including the size of the intervening
text nodes in the total, because it does not recognize the "unbalanced" `<`
and `>` in the surrounding nodes.

The general system fix for `commentTagsToContent` is to change the _visit..._
methods to always append to the `Content` object supplied as a parameter, instead
of to a fixed local variable (`result`) in the enclosing scope. This allows
`visitStartElement` to accumulate the attributes in a temporary buffer,
and then create a single `RawHtml` node as the translation of the
`StartElementTree`.  Changing the methodology of the visitors also
required disentangling the processing of `{@docRoot}`, which generally
always appears inside the `href` attribute, typically followed by
the rest of the URL. The complication there is that since forever there
has been special handling of `{@docRoot}/..` which can be replaced by
the value of the `--docrootparent` option. In reviewing that part of the code,
it may help to just ignore the old code and just review the new replacement

Starting with the code in `commentTagsToContent`, it became worthwhile to
use factory methods on `RawHtml` for stylized uses of the class, for _start
element_, _end element_, and _comment_. These all have a `charCount` of zero,
so it only becomes necessary to compute the character count when given
arbitrary text.

Related, the `Text` and `TextBuilder` classes are changed so that they 
contain unescaped content, and only escape the HTML characters when they
are written out. This allows their `charCount` to simply return the `length()`
of the string content, instead of having to parse the content to account
of any entities that may be present.  This also means that newline characters
will be counted; previously, they were not.

Another noteworthy change. Somewhat usually, some resource strings for the
description of mandated methods, such as for enum and record classes, contain
simple HTML (`<i>...</i>`), which is modelled in a single `TextTree` and
subsequently converted to a non-standard use of `RawHtml`. To avoid
significantly changing the resource strings, the solution is to parse the
resources into a suitable `List<DocTree>`, using a relatively simple regular
expression. The goal is to _not_ extend the support any further than that

Finally, one more change/bug fix. We do not claim to support HTML CDATA
sections, but there is one in the JDK API docs (in `coll-index.html`). 
It "mostly worked" by accident, but dropped the leading `<`, which "broke"
the section in the generated output. I've put code into `DocCommentParser`
to handle CDATA sections, representing them (for now) as a `Text` node
containing just the section itself. This is then handled specially up in
`commentTagsToContent`, where it is translated to a new `RawHtml` node.

For reviewing, I suggest starting with `RawHtml` and then `HtmlDocletWriter`.
Many of the other changes are derivative changes, such as changing
`new RawHtml(...)` to `RawHtml.of(...)` and similar other changes.

All tests continue to pass without change.

There are minor changes to the generated docs, in two flavors.

1. There is one instance, in `Collectors.html`, where the fixes to `charCount`
   are enough to change the separator after the type parameters in a 
   method summary table from ` ` to `<br>`. 
   See `AbstractMemberWriter` line 207. The current threshold is 10, and
   some of the methods in `Collectors.html` were less and are now more.

2. A number of files use an unescaped `>` in doc comments. These are now
   translated to `>` in the output.  The change in behavior is because of
   changing to use `html.Text` nodes instead of `html.RawHtml` nodes to represent
   user-provided text in `TextTree` nodes.
   Previously, the generated output was inconsistent in this area: most
   instances used `>`, but user-provided `>` was passed through.
   Now, the output is consistent. 
   FWIW, `tidy` prefers the use of `>` as well.


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