ModuleElement doesn't work with generated provides classes?

Josiah Noel josiahnoel at
Sat Aug 26 01:00:06 UTC 2023

Say I got this module


module nima.example {

requires io.avaje.http.client;

requires io.avaje.http.api;

provides io.avaje.http.client.HttpClient.GeneratedComponent with



and I generate com.jojo.helidon.api.client.httpclient.GeneratedHttpComponent in
the last round of processing. When I get the module element during normal
processing and so much as call `ModuleElement#getDirectives` and do nothing
else, the processor will correctly generate, but compilation will still
fail.(if I take out the module-info from the project it works though) I'm
pretty sure it might have to do with the fact that GeneratedHttpComponent is
created in the last round. Even so, not sure why it fails the compilation.
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