[Bug] javac gives non-deterministic output (for sealed interface with records)

Vicente Romero vicente.romero at oracle.com
Tue Dec 19 16:55:52 UTC 2023

Hi Przemek,

can you patch JDK sources, rebuild them and try if a given patch fixes 
your issue or do you need a customized JDK?


On 12/19/23 03:48, Przemek Bielicki wrote:
> Oh damn! I think IDEA's decompiler helped a little with the 
> explanation of the meaning of the order.
> As you can see from the attached screenshot the order of permits differ:
> permits GradleExecGraphNodeExecutionInfo.Task, 
> GradleExecGraphNodeExecutionInfo.Transform {
> vs.
> permits GradleExecGraphNodeExecutionInfo.Transform, 
> GradleExecGraphNodeExecutionInfo.Task {
> I guess this structure (collection of permits?) is handled by the 
> compiler using some sort of Set instead of a List thus we get a 
> non-deterministic order.
> My fellow Gradle colleagues told me that they discovered such 
> non-determinisms in the past and the reasons were very similar.
> I hope it's helpful and can unblock you from digging deeper? 🤞🏻
> What's interesting is that javap isn't showing this difference. 🤔
> Cheers,
> Przemek
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