Could someone take another look at my submitted bug regarding class names?

David Alayachew davidalayachew at
Mon Feb 20 18:26:41 UTC 2023

Hello Archie,

Thank you for your response.

> Nope...
> $ cat Décérébélé.java
> public class Décérébélé { }
> $ javac -d classes Décérébélé.java
> $ ls classes/
> Décérébélé.class

Looks like I was misinforned. Thank you for showing the example.

> Your idea *can* be done in a compatible
> way for local classes. Here's a sample
> patch
This would be a limited, tactical
> change that doesn't solve the whole
> problem but addresses the ASCII-only
> narrow case in the bug.

Thank you very much for linking this. And I understand what you are saying.
If my solution is only applicable to ASCII-only classes, then it is not a
great response to the larger problem. And that's ignoring the fact that you
provided a very good solution that sidesteps the problem entirely.

> yes your idea would solve the problem,
> but at the expense of backward
> compatibility.

Could you explain how the solution is backwards incompatible? I don't think
I understand.

> As Jon points out that would be "an
> incompatible change of seismic
> proportions".

I think I missed Jon's comment. Could you paste/link his comment here?

Thank you again for the help!
David Alayachew
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