Case-insensitive file systems and output file clashes - survey

Jonathan Gibbons jonathan.gibbons at
Wed Feb 22 18:11:33 UTC 2023

On 2/22/23 8:06 AM, Archie Cobbs wrote:
> Survey question: What do you think should be done about this 
> case-insensitive filesystem problem?
>  1. Nothing. Resolve all such bugs "Not an Issue" with the comment "Go
>     away! Case-insensitive filesystems are not supported!"
>  2. Add a new option -Xlint:fileclash that enables checking for
>     clashes (e.g., at the JavacFileSystemManager layer).
That would likely either be a partial solution, or an expensive one for 
a complete solution when taking separate compilation into account.

>  1. Same as #2 but instead of requiring a lint flag, test the
>     filesystem at startup and proactively enable the warning only if
>     case-insensitive
I seem to recall that on some systems, it can be a property of the 
directory, not just the file system.

>  1. Add new compiler flags -dzip, -szip, -hzip (corresponding to -d,
>     -s, -h) that specify ZIP files for output instead of directories
I would recommend using the existing options, and just allow those 
options to specify a zip file, and then open the file with `zipfs`.   
That being said, updating zip files by "overwriting" existing entries 
comes with its own set of problems.

>  1. Your other clever idea...
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