RFR: 8015831: Add lint check for calling overridable methods from a constructor [v7]

Archie L. Cobbs duke at openjdk.org
Fri Jan 13 04:04:37 UTC 2023

On Thu, 12 Jan 2023 21:47:28 GMT, Maurizio Cimadamore <mcimadamore at openjdk.org> wrote:

>  Ok - I thought false negative was the thing to absolutely avoid - and that was the no. 1 concern.

You're right. I think at the time I reasoned that it would be unusual enough for the type of an expression to start as an instanceof X, then change to not being an instanceof X, and then change back, that it was worth it to go ahead and filter these out. But admittedly that was based on intuition, not science.

> I think a possible approach to keep both the filtering and the code more or less similar to what you have, is to save the type of the expression in the ExprRef. Then, I believe that, at the end of scan() you can just get whatever type is there, and check that it's the correct one, if not drop it.

That's a nice idea... thanks. I'll play around with it some.


PR: https://git.openjdk.org/jdk/pull/11874

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