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David Delabassee david.delabassee at
Wed Aug 16 16:57:53 UTC 2023

Welcome to container-discuss at<mailto:container-discuss at> !

As its name implies, this mailing list is to discuss OpenJDK development efforts for running in containers (ex. potential enhancements, issues, etc.).

We created this mailing list to make it easy to follow OpenJDK containers-related discussions without having to scan all the OpenJDK lists. Now, container-related discussions rarely happen in isolation (pun intended!) so, it is important to cross-post the relevant discussions from other OpenJDK mailing lists when it makes sense (ex. hotspot-runtime-dev at<mailto:hotspot-runtime-dev at>, serviceability-dev at<mailto:serviceability-dev at>, hotspot-jfr-dev at<mailto:hotspot-jfr-dev at>, etc.).

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