String.ltrim() and rtrim() methods RFE

Nick Radov nradov at
Wed Nov 14 02:21:37 UTC 2007

I would like to reopen discussion of Bug ID: 4074696 <> for possible inclusion in 
jdk7. It seems to me that RFE was prematurely closed without proper 
consideration. Many developers have needed to left or right trim a String 
and I'm sure that same code has been rewritten thousands of times in 
applications. It would really help to have them in the standard library, 
and the impact on compiled file size would be minimal. The evaluation 
reason giving for closing the bug was "You can write this yourself and get 
reasonable performance with a modern VM." Well, of course we can get 
reasonable performance, but that isn't really the point. The reason for 
adding those methods to the standard library is to reduce the amount of 
redundant, low-level code that application developers have to write. 
Having to write those methods ourselves in applications also forces the 
creation of "StringUtilities" classes with a variety of static methods, 
which somewhat defeats the purpose of OO design.

If we can get this reopened I would be happy to take care of making the 
actual code changes. I just requested the Developer role on the jdk 
project so hopefully that will be approved soon.

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