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Pair is only a partial, flawed solution to a special case (n=2) of a very
significant problem: the disproportionate complexity of creating value types
in Java.  I support addressing the underlying problem in Java 8, and not
littering the API with dead-end solutions like Pair.

On Tue, Mar 30, 2010 at 1:08 AM, Weijun Wang <Weijun.Wang at> wrote:

> Hi All
> There are multiple CRs asking for a java.util.Pair class:
>   4983155
>   6229146
>   4947273
> I know such a simple thing can be made very complex and everyone might want
> to add a new method into it. How about we just make it most primitive?
> Simply an immutable and Serializable class, two final fields, one
> constructor, two getters (?), and no static factory methods. (S)he who does
> the real implementation has the privilege to choose between head/tail and
> car/cdr.
> Thanks
> Max

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