Classes on the stack trace (was: getElementClass/StackTraceElement, was: @CallerSensitive public API, was: sun.reflect.Reflection.getCallerClass)

Paul Benedict pbenedict at
Mon Jul 29 22:48:06 UTC 2013

+1 with Nick. There's no point in submitting a patch unless someone who is
in charge of Core Libs Dev is willing to first offer technical direction.
Where does Oracle want to go with the solution? There are no official
responses -- it's been quiet on their front for sometime. I don't know if
that means the proposal is being ignored, or there are offline discussions
happening, or people are enjoying summer vacations, or something else. I
just don't know.

Isn't this where someone usually speaks up to "sponsor" a commit?


> Nick Williams wrote:
> I would happily contribute a patch if I were able to. However, I have
> almost no idea what I'm doing on the native side, and I spent three
> hours perusing the Mercurial repository and still can't figure out
> where anything is.
> Even so, I would be willing to try. But I can't just blindly make up
> a patch. I need some kind of guidance as to what you're looking for.
> Is the API I propose below acceptable? If I propose a patch implementing
> that API /and it is generally accepted as correct/ is it going to be
> accepted? Or am I going to spend significant time trying to figure it
> out with the possibility that it might be rejected merely because of
> the API.
> My goal in this email was to get the community to coalesce around an
> API. Once that happens, if nobody more qualified than I is willing
> or has time to implement it I will surely give it a try. But I don't
> want the start working on something that the community is going to
> reject, especially having not received any feedback on this API
> so far.
> Nick

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