Review Request: JDK-8019227: JDK-8010325 broke the old build

Brad Wetmore bradford.wetmore at
Thu Jun 27 19:08:41 UTC 2013

> The old build has not produced usable bits for several months, it may
> not have been failing but if you look closely (or run the tests) then
> you'll see that there are several things missing. On build-dev then
> you'll probably have seen a mail or two from me where I was trying to
> encourage the build group to set a date to finally retire and remove the
> old build - this is because the old build is just a tax on every change
> that needs to touch the build.
> Anyway, the change looks okay but I strongly encourage you to put in the
> time to resolve the usability or others ssues that arise when working on
> JCE.

Alan, I tried to save you the effort of composing just such a reply. 
I've seen your mails and agree with your sentiment.  You are preaching 
to the choir [1].  ;)

Thank you Chris, for doing the operation!



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