JAXP default implementation and JDK-8152063

David M. Lloyd david.lloyd at redhat.com
Thu Mar 24 21:02:26 UTC 2016

On 03/24/2016 03:54 PM, huizhe wang wrote:
> In this discussion so far,
> a) I see that you seemed to have successfully used the method with a
> class loader as Daniel suggested.  I assume that solved the issue
> reported in JDK-8152063. Am I right, that you no longer have issue with
> using a proxy? Or

No, not solved yet, just in the process of prototyping but ran into a 
road block with XMLReaderFactory.

> b) you do need JAXP's supporting using a Layer as the context in order
> to solve your issue completely?

I think this should be considered the best solution to the problem.

> c) On org.xml.sax.helpers.XMLReaderFactory, as Alan and Daniel said, yes
> I'm working with the SAX project to hopefully get a new release out that
> would conform to the ServiceLoader spec.  I'm also suggesting a new
> method that takes a ClassLoader that would be useful if (a) worked for you.

We have some more testing to do before I can say whether this works or 
does not work.  But either way it is a rather non-optimal solution, and 
if I can avoid using a proxy layer, I would much prefer to do so.

Thanks for your response.


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