Andrew Dinn adinn at redhat.com
Mon Apr 24 08:26:04 UTC 2017

On 22/04/17 14:31, Jonathan Bluett-Duncan wrote:
> Your reasoning has personally convinced me that a method like `isEmpty()`
> would pull its weight. However, at the risk of bikeshedding, I think it
> should be named differently, as `isEmpty()` immediately makes me think that
> `findModule()` returns a List, which I'd easily find confusing.
> How about `isNotPresent()` instead?

Ah, bike-shedding!

Personally, I much prefer isAbsent() to isNotPresent(), presence and
absence being a historically well-sanctioned English language pairing.

[n.b. I'll grant that my preference for C18th literature over Comp Sci
argot might have swayed my judgement in this matter so I'll leave it to
others to sanction or reject that suggestion via a conformantly aligned,
textually rendered act of pollification (i.e. go on, post yer +/-1


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