Re: <i18n dev> [13] RFR 8217254, 8217721: CompactNumberFormat​() constructor does not comply with spec and format​() method spec for IAEx is not complaint

naoto.sato at naoto.sato at
Wed Mar 6 17:54:41 UTC 2019

Hi Nishit,

Just one comment on At line 425, Null 
check can be done at the top of the method, as a parameter check, so 
that all the unnecessary "if-elseif" can be avoided. Others look good.


On 3/6/19 3:56 AM, Nishit Jain wrote:
> Hi,
> Please review the fix for JDK-8217254 and JDK-8217721
> Bug:
> Webrev:
> Issue: The exception thrown by constructor and format() method was not 
> compliant with the specification
> Fix: Updated the constructor and format method to throw exception as per 
> the specification
> Regards,
> Nishit Jain

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