Proposal: JDK-8148917 Enhanced-For Statement Should Allow Streams

Peter Levart peter.levart at
Thu Mar 7 09:00:30 UTC 2019

On 3/7/19 9:41 AM, Peter Levart wrote:
> There is a benefit in the runtime though. The code can decide what to 
> do with the passed-in Iterable depending on it implementing 
> IterableOnce or not. Much like what RandomAccess interface does to 
> List(s). The code can decide to dump the iterable into a List and 
> iterate the List multiple times if the Iterable implements 
> IterableOnce or do direct multiple iteration on the passed-in Iterable 
> if it doesn't. 

Expanding on this further, there could be help for multi-pass iteration 
in the Iterable(Once) interfaces. For example:

public interface Iterable<T> {

     Iterator<T> iterator();

     default Iterable<T> toMultipassIterable() {
         return this;

and then:

public interface IterableOnce<T> extends Iterable<T> {

     default Iterable<T> toMultipassIterable() {
         List<T> list = new ArrayList<>();
         for (T t : this) {
         return list;

... so any new code that needs multiple passes can do so easily.

Regards, Peter

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