[PATCH] 4511638: Double.toString(double) sometimes produces incorrect results

Andrew Haley aph at redhat.com
Fri Mar 8 13:35:25 UTC 2019


On 3/7/19 7:16 PM, Raffaello Giulietti wrote:

> a couple of weeks ago I tried to refactor the code assuming the 
> existence of unsignedMultiplyHigh() (either as some future intrinsic or 
> as a Java method) and a wider representations of g with either 127 or 
> 128 bits:
>      g = g1 2^64 + g0
> with either
>      2^63 <= g1 < 2^64 (128 bits)
> or
>      2^62 <= g1 < 2^63 (127 bits)
> Unfortunately, the resulting code of rop() isn't any simpler. That's 
> because then an intermediate sum can overflow the 64 bits of a long. As 
> a consequence, there's need for more elaborate logic to determine
> the carry and other slightly more complicated computations to assemble
> the final result. All in all, the resulting code has more operations and 
> looks longer.

Ah, I see. I agree, we still don't quite have the full set of operations
that we need in Java, in particular a nice way of doing an add with carry.

Thank you for the explanation.

> In the meantime I got rid of the last division. There's no division at 
> all in the whole algorithm.

Excellent. This is looking very good indeed.

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