Proposal: JDK-8148917 Enhanced-For Statement Should Allow Streams

Stuart Marks stuart.marks at
Thu Mar 14 01:01:14 UTC 2019

On 3/5/19 12:43 PM, Mike Duigou wrote:
> I don't believe that I would use the proposed enhancement to the for statement. 
> For me there is cognitive load reduction in using a symmetrical method for all 
> iterations even if they end up being a little more complicated for individual 
> cases. Usually, for me, I use streams. Even the more complicated patterns such 
> as the presented example will hopefully be familiar because they are repeated in 
> many places throughout the code. Truly unusual or unique usages are hopefully 
> very rare.
> To choose between old style for, enhanced for, or streams based on which warts 
> are to be avoided is just frustrating. Mixing idioms or required mixing of 
> idioms produces the least satisfying result. Was the use of a particular idiom a 
> necessity? A choice? Of no consequence? This gets harder to decode with a larger 
> number of available idioms.

I suspect the cases for having mixed-idiom code, as in my example showing a 
stream head and a for-loop "tail", are somewhat rare. Maybe less than 5% of 
cases. But it least it's there when you need it, without requiring any subtle 

I think a more likely benefit is that this can reduce the pressure on the 
question of whether an API should return a Collection or a Stream. One 
consideration in making such a decision is whether the caller is more likely to 
iterate or stream the result. If it's likely the caller will want to iterate, 
this tips the decision toward returning a collection. But returning a collection 
usually requires creating and storing all the elements, losing laziness, so this 
is an uncomfortable tradeoff.

With the ability to iterate a Stream, it's possible for an API to return a 
Stream, while letting the caller choose between adding stream operations or 
iterating it, without losing laziness.


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