RFR 6307456 : UnixFileSystem_md.c use of chmod() and access() should handle EINTR signal appropriately (unix)

Alan Bateman Alan.Bateman at oracle.com
Fri Mar 15 12:33:42 UTC 2019

On 15/03/2019 06:43, David Holmes wrote:
> Yes and on closer examination you will find a lot of inconsistencies. 
> RESTARTABLE goes back a long way and many of the I/O APIs have 
> switched locations over the years. Stuff was copied from the HPI layer 
> into hotspot, then back to the JDK and sometimes things were copied 
> with RESTARTABLE and sometimes not; and sometimes ports were written 
> that copied RESTARTABLE and sometimes not; and sometime new APIs were 
> added that were RESTARTABLE and sometimes not. All in all a bit of a 
> mess.
> For example here are some uses of write in JDK libs:
> ./share/native/libzip/zlib/gzwrite.c:                writ = 
> write(state->fd, state->x.next, put);
> ./unix/native/libnio/ch/IOUtil.c:    return convertReturnVal(env, 
> write(fd, &c, 1), JNI_FALSE);
> ./unix/native/libnio/ch/FileDispatcherImpl.c:    return 
> convertReturnVal(env, write(fd, buf, len), JNI_FALSE);
> ./unix/native/libnio/fs/UnixCopyFile.c: RESTARTABLE(write((int)dst, 
> bufp, len), n);
> ./unix/native/libnio/fs/UnixNativeDispatcher.c: 
> RESTARTABLE(write((int)fd, bufp, (size_t)nbytes), n)
> ./unix/native/libjava/ProcessImpl_md.c: write(c->childenv[1], (char 
> *)&magic, sizeof(magic)); // magic number first
> ./unix/native/libjava/io_util_md.c:    RESTARTABLE(write(fd, buf, 
> len), result);
> A mix of RESTARTABLE and not.
Some of these are in the native methods in the implementation of APIs 
that support for async close and where a signal is used to interrupt 
blocking calls. For those cases, the retry is done in the Java code.

I think Ivan's patch looks okay but I think you are right with your 
general point that something else must be going on if we are running 
into this now. It would require native code or a bug something to have 
these system calls falling with EINTR. At some point we need to replace 
the UnixFileSystem implementation too but that is for another discussion.


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