jpackage Packaging Tool Early Access Update 4

Andy Herrick andy.herrick at
Tue Mar 19 16:17:41 UTC 2019

The fourth EA build (Build 30) of jpackage tool is available at

Note this build contains significant Command Line Interface changes.

Issues addressed since EA 3 (build 17):

JDK-8217798     modular jar linking in jpackage
JDK-8218055     Use ToolProvider instead of AppRuntimeImageBuilder.
JDK-8219678     CLI changes in jpackage
JDK-8219679     Help text changes in jpackage
JDK-8217902     jpackage fails with --app-image option on mac
JDK-8219144     Cannot find installed application on Mac
JDK-8212091     Move jpackage native code under platform specific 
folders and files
JDK-8171959     add-launcher is not working when normal jar is used for 
first launcher and module is used for second launcher
JDK-8215574     Investigate and document usage of --category, 
--copyright, --vendor and --description
JDK-8214566     --win-dir-chooser does not prompt if destination folder 
is not empty
JDK-8218681     Windows exe's generated by jpackage have wrong info
JDK-8219695     Use a copy of javac's implementation of @argfile in 
JDK-8217802     Invalid Option warning message.
JDK-8191709     javapackager detects WiX 3.10 as 3.1 and fails to use 
WiX 3.6+ compatible code
JDK-8219889     Update jpackage tests for JDK-8219678 changes
JDK-8220616     test failures on linux, mac
JDK-8220471     two test fixes missed in push.

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/Andy Herrick

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