Review Request: JDK-8220282 Add MethodHandle tests on accessing final fields

Mandy Chung mandy.chung at
Wed Mar 27 02:58:20 UTC 2019

This is a new version of the patch:

I made further clean up to this new test.

It extends MethodHandlesTest.HasFields class to include the test
cases for instance final fields.  HasFields is used to test
findGetter/findStaticGetter, findSetter/findStaticSetter, and

A new HasFields::testCasesFor(int testMode) method is added to
return the test cases where c[1] == Error.class indicates a
negative test case.

For getters, all HasFields except bogus_xx fields are positive
test cases, i.e. no exception is expected.

For findSetter/findStaticSetter, a final field has no write access
and setting on a final field is a negative test case.

For unreflectSetter, non-final fields and instance final fields
whose accessible flag is true have write access and hence they
are positive test cases whereas static final fields are negative
test cases.


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