Hello, CRaC!

Anton Kozlov akozlov at azul.com
Fri Sep 3 08:28:16 UTC 2021


The CRaC project is being set up, we already have the repo [1]! The only
remaining thing is the write access to the wiki, which will be open for each
project committer.

For me, the next thing to do is to propose the current code from the CRaC
prototype as GitHub Pull-Request. This course made things simpler from the
legal point of view.

We've got invaluable feedback while the project was discussed. New topics
(without much details) to investigate are:
  - Alternative C/R engines support. Cooperation with Firecracker will test the
current API proposal and will define future possible enhancements. Another
use case is to provide finer control over the CRIU command line, for example to
checkpoint without terminating the current instance.
  - Standard library correctness w.r.t. checkpoint and restore. This work will
likely touch security area and the general use of clocks and timeouts.  An
open topic is how to detect such areas and find particular pieces of
implementation to fix.

It may be beneficial to track these and other tasks in the bugs database.
Looking at the Valhalla Project, project-specific entries are tracked by the
Affected and Fix Version fields, e.g. JDK-8251041 [2]. I'll ask can we do the


[1] https://github.com/openjdk/crac
[2] https://bugs.openjdk.java.net/browse/JDK-8251041

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