Project CRaC to track openjdk/jdk

Anton Kozlov akozlov at
Wed Aug 2 09:47:25 UTC 2023

On 8/1/23 17:12, Jan Kratochvil wrote:
> Are there some further plans with crac.git crac-17 branch or it will be there
> just to store its current state? Or will it be maintained for upstream jdk17
> releases with crac? Asking because current crac.git is far behind jdk17u-dev
> so whether it is a problem or not.
> In other words will be all further activities only on the crac (=crac-master)
> branch?
The project focus will be on the branch based on the jdk/master. EA builds will
be switched to jdk/master as well. The crac-17 is expected to have just
occasional backports of API changes, to provide a compatible version for wider
evaluation. Additional backports are possible if someone sees some value in


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