[crac] RFR: Linux file system watcher support [v4]

Radim Vansa duke at openjdk.org
Mon Jun 5 13:33:50 UTC 2023

On Thu, 25 May 2023 09:26:01 GMT, joeylee <duke at openjdk.org> wrote:

>> inotify monitors changes on filesystem, this support automatic restore for LinuxFileWatcher.
>> FileWatcherAfterRestoreTest verifies watcher service works after restore.
>> FileWatcherTest verifies automatic closing inotiify fd
>> The watcher keys are still managed by user, so exception will be thrown if no watcher keys are leaked, as in FileWatcherWithOpenKeysTest
> joeylee has updated the pull request incrementally with one additional commit since the last revision:
>   update

LGTM. Sorry for taking a while, I missed your last update. Please type `/integrate` so that @AntonKozlov can `/sponsor` and get this merged if he's OK with these changes (I am not a committer myself yet).


Marked as reviewed by rvansa at github.com (no known OpenJDK username).

PR Review: https://git.openjdk.org/crac/pull/72#pullrequestreview-1462551707

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