[crac] RFR: Fixing crash on restore when user name is not set

Radim Vansa rvansa at openjdk.org
Tue Oct 17 11:53:41 UTC 2023

On Tue, 17 Oct 2023 08:53:02 GMT, Roman Marchenko <rmarchenko at openjdk.org> wrote:

> This change fixes a crash occuring during restore in a container when user name is not set.

src/hotspot/os/posix/perfMemory_posix.cpp line 1405:

> 1403:   char* user_name = get_user_name(geteuid());
> 1404:   if (!user_name) {
> 1405:     return false;

Could we accompany this with an error message?


PR Review Comment: https://git.openjdk.org/crac/pull/129#discussion_r1361990839

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