Regression tests

David Gilbert david.gilbert at
Wed May 9 15:05:12 UTC 2007


I've got a fix for a bug in Swing (bug 6463712, related to the JSpinner 
component) and have written a regression test that can be run using 
jtreg.  Now I'm looking to run some other regression tests to validate 
my fix before submitting a patch.  My understanding is that the 
available regression tests are in the OpenJDK source bundle in the 
'j2se/test' directory...but there is nothing there for 'javax.swing.*'.  
Elsewhere (on the 2d-dev list) Phil Race said:
> Regression tests - these are in the JDK under test but we are required 
> to vet them almost one by one to verify their provenance and this is 
> onerous. So most are not there yet.
Is there a plan for getting these tests out?  Just asking for 
information, I know you're busy...

In the mean time, I'll run checks with Mauve, then I guess I should just 
submit the patch?


Dave Gilbert

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