read-only svn and interim fixes

Dan Fabulich dfabulich at
Thu May 10 04:45:13 UTC 2007

I'm confused about how exactly development is supposed to work on OpenJDK 
in the period between now and when OpenJDK goes live with Mercurial.

Specifically, it seems

1) It's going to be a while before Mercurial is available
2) Sun developers are going to continue to check in changes in the 
3) The OpenJDK svn server is read-only, even to Sun developers, so no 
changes will appear there

Are we going to get a "big bang" of trunk code once Mercurial goes live?

I began wondering about this in the course of discussion on the build-dev 
list about the critical bug in the Windows binary plugs that makes it 
impossible to do the build on Windows (missing t2k.lib).  [Tim Bell filed 
bug 6555215, but it is not yet visible on]

Phil Rice suggested that the best thing would be to just finish the 
ongoing work to replace t2k with something like freetype.  That makes some 
sense, but even if that work were done tomorrow, I'd have no way of 
getting access to those fixes, which sound like they might be pretty 

Will I just have to wait until Mercurial to see those fixes?  (If so, 
won't that be potentially a lot of fixes?)  If not, how would I get access 
to incremental changes between now and then?


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