Ability to publish test logs and reports for verification

Sandeep Konchady Sandeep.Konchady at Sun.COM
Mon May 21 22:28:50 UTC 2007


    Recently while working on using Valgrind with OpenJDK VM I generated 
some logs. These have some useful information and could potentially be a 
bug. To assess this I would have to either send this few MB file to 
everyone on the mailing list or it may bounce due to large size. Most 
companies have a secured network behind a firewall. How are these folks 
(including me) suppose to publish these logs for engineers to take a 
look at to decide if the issue is a real bug or not?

One way is to convert this report into a bug where in I can publish the 
log. But what if this is not a bug. What I would like to see happen is 
to have a place holder on openjdk.java.net where in folks can upload 
their test logs for a predefined period (say a month) after which it 
gets deleted. This way OpenJDK community can collaborate on these 
results without having to flood every inbox. Have anyone from OpenJDK 
team thought about this?


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