Project proposal: fbtoolkit

Paul Hohensee - Java SE Paul.Hohensee at Sun.COM
Thu May 24 00:48:17 UTC 2007

You might want to talk to Ron Mann, who did something that
sounds like this called SquidKit back in 2000 or so.  Politics killed
it.  He works in the Jini group now.


Tom Marble wrote:

>In conjunction with Steph Meslin-Weber [1] I would like to propose
>a new OpenJDK project: fbtoolkit
>The objective of this project is to produce a body of code which is
>a lightweight framebuffer-based peer implementation for AWT and Swing.
>The goal of this code is to remove the dependency on X or
>other graphics layers such that graphics can be redirected to
>a framebuffer (e.g. a raw buffer, VNC, etc.). This example
>implementation will prefer pure-Java solutions, with public
>extension points available to enter native resources as necessary.
>In prototyping this functionality with OpenJDK it
>should be possible demonstrate this graphics redirection
>via a command line such as:
>% java -jar myApp.jar
>NOTE: there are many other options which one would want
>to specify (e.g. bit depth, encoding, geometry, port number, etc.) and
>these can all be collected into a properties file which is
>implicitly named (based upon the provider) or overridden on
>the command line.
>Examples of usage include: implementation debugging, device
>emulation, multiple-head clone outputs/inputs, simultaneous
>multiple-peer output, etc.
>As this proposal is most closely related to the AWT [2] and Swing [3]
>groups they have been added on CC: and as such we would like to
>request sponsorship from these groups.
>Please note that per the interim OpenJDK guidelines for Projects [4]
>that followups should go the discuss list [5].
>Thank you for your consideration,
>--Tom & Steph
>[1] Steph is a Participant
>    Steph's blog:
> ident: twiun
>[2] the AWT Group:
>[3] the Swing Group:
>[4] Proposing Projects:
>[5] discuss:

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