Project proposal: fbtoolkit

Jeff Dinkins Jeff.Dinkins at Sun.COM
Thu May 24 18:48:21 UTC 2007

Tom Marble wrote:
> Can we get a Group sponsor?

So a point of order:
     "A Group makes this decision by a simple majority vote of
      its Members, tallied by its Moderator. If at least one Group
      agrees to sponsor the proposed Project within the two-week
      discussion period following the proposal then it will  
      be approved."

1. At some point, we'll need a call for votes from the groups involved.
    Can anyone make the call for vote, or does the group Moderator do it
    at their will, e.g. when the discussion dies down, or when 2  
weeks are

2. Tom and Steph have asked for sponsorship from any of these groups:
    AWT, Swing, & 2D.  Should all three take separate votes?

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